Find partners, challenge each other and earn points for every match you play.

About Us


TennisLadders.NET is a website built by tennis players, for tennis players. Paul Ferguson started the first ladder in Santa Monica in April of 2011 because he found it difficult to find new players to play for fun and competitive matches. Santa Monica now has over 150 players on multiple ladders playing regularly. There are active tennis ladders in over 200 cities across the globe, including cites in the UK and Canada. And many of the players who have met through this website are now great friends or business associates. Atul Alatkar, a former doubles partner of Paul in the USTA, joined the team in June of 2012. Together they aim to build a tennis ladder in every city that has tennis courts.

Together these two tennis and technology enthusiasts created TennisLadders.NET to promote more match play and to share their passion of tennis with all tennis players. This is a place to record your wins, losses and find competitive matches to play while expanding your tennis network. It's hard to meet new players and this site connects us together while encouraging match play. Joining your local tennis ladder is a great way to compete, have fun and get exercise. 

Here's how it works: During registration you enter your zip code and join the ladder nearest you. Like the ATP Tour, players are ranked on the ladder based on number of points won. In this 20-point "Leap Frog" system, you get 20 points for every match you win. If you lose the match, you still win a point for every game you did win in that match. If you win a match against a higher ranked player you automatically get as many points as they had plus 20. You can go to #1 with just one win. Email us with any questions!

If you want to start a ladder in your area send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Otherwise sign up now. The #1 spot is always within your reach!